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A cold pitcher of iced tea is the perfect remedy for a hot day—and there are tons of ways to flavor it. This hibiscus-tangerine iced tea mixes sweet tangerine juice with tart hibiscus tea to make for a refreshing and beautiful drink option. And this Pimm's iced tea—a combination of Pimm's, orange pekoe tea, agave syrup and lemon juice—would fit right in at any summer cocktail party. Find creative ideas like these and more in Food & Wine's guide.

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Cardamom Rosewater Iced Tea
This will definitely up your iced tea game. Toasted cardamom and rosewater add warm, exotic notes to this creamy, honey-sweetened iced summer drink. Slideshow:  More Iced Tea Recipes 
Mint Iced Tea with Cocoa Nib Syrup
Zoe Nathan sweetens her mint iced tea with an aromatic simple syrup infused with cocoa nibs and vanilla bean. She serves the tea in mason jars, garnished with lots of fresh mint. Slideshow:  Iced Tea Recipes 
Tangy Hibiscus-Lime Iced Tea
F&W's Melissa Rubel Jacobson created this refreshing, sweet-tart iced tea. Nonalcoholic Drinks
Spiced Honey Iced Tea
This spiced tea was inspired by Indian chai, a blend of tea, milk and ground spices—cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and ginger. It has to steep overnight, so plan accordingly.Plus: Ultimate Cocktail Guide

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Sophie Dahl's Iced Tea
Rating: Unrated
Sophie Dahl loves to make iced tea—especially using Earl Grey flavored with lavender. More Iced Tea Recipes