Celebrate fall with a seasonally spooky tea party featuring blood-red tea, creepy table settings, and more.

By Charlie Heller
Updated September 26, 2017
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It's almost October, which means a few things. First, it's officially fall, so start converting your iced coffees and teas to their hotter varieties. And second? Things are about to get very spooky, thanks to the rapidly approaching Halloween holiday.

With so many hauntingly fun festivities just around the corner, what better way to ring in the new season than a Halloween tea party? From blood-red tea and skull-inspired mugs to tools for baking the most gothic-shaped cakes you'll ever see, here are nine things you need to throw your own Halloween tea party.

South African Rooibos

Courtesy of Amazon

Also known as red tea, Rooibos is the most bloody looking thing you can serve. And if you're planning your party at night, it's caffeine free.

Davidson's Organic South African Rooibos, $14 on amazon.com

Pumpkin Spice Black Tea

Courtesy of Amazon

For a more caffeinated option, the flavor is obvious: pumpkin spice black tea. Just add milk to achieve a flavor not unlike pumpkin pie.

The Republic Of Tea Pumpkin Spice Black Tea (50 tea bags), $17 on amazon.com

Skull Tea Infuser

Courtesy of Amazon

When you're making your Halloween tea, there's no excuse not to use an infuser shaped like a skull. If you get one for each guest, they'll double as a great Halloween Tea Party favor.

Fred Tea Bones Skull Tea Infuser, $13 from amazon.com

The Nightmare Before Christmas "Zero" Teapot

Courtesy of Amazon

Pour tea for two or more from the pumpkin-tipped head of this character from Henry Selick's classic animated movie, whose Tim Burton-produced world your Halloween tea party would be right at home in.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Zero Head Ceramic Teapot, $40 from amazon.com

Skull Mixing Spoon

Courtesy of Amazon

Help guests keep it creepy as they stir sugar, honey, or eye of newt into their boiling drinks, then turn these double-sided spoons around to spear some spectral snacks.

SunBeter Stainless Steel Skull Mixing Spoon (2 pieces), $11 on amazon.com

Skull Cup and Saucer Set

Courtesy of Amazon

And the skeletons don’t stop there—make this skull-shaped cup and saucer set the skeletal centerpiece of the afternoon or evening, or any other time you need to clear your head.

Blue Sky Ceramic Halloween Skull Cup and Saucer Set, $22 from amazon.com

Spider Web Tablecloth

Courtesy of Amazon

Give your table a costume of its own with this webbed lace tablecloth, which can be draped over whatever color best fits your particular haunted house style.

OurWarm Halloween Lace Spider Web Tablecloth, $14 from amazon.com

Spiderweb Cupcake Wrappers

Courtesy of Amazon

Cupcakes are a great tea party snack, and with these wrappers they'll be just webbed enough to fit the Halloween vibe while still looking delicious.

Vivian Black Spiderweb Cupcake Wrappers, $4 from amazon.com

Skull Cupcake Stand

Courtesy of Amazon

Show off your cupcakes, tea sanwiches or other snacks with the most fitting stand a Halloween Tea Party could have, which should creep guests out of taking more than their fair share.

Wilton Halloween Skull Cupcake Stand, $12 from amazon.com

Bonus: Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Courtesy of Amazon

If a kettle's not enough, boil your water in a 8.5 quart cast iron dutch oven worthy of any coven. Plus, it's great for brewing up spells later, especially outdoors over a bonfire. (Incantations not included.)

Bruntmor 3 Legged Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven (8.5 quart), $42 on amazon.com