A Taylor Swift-Themed Breakup Bar Is Opening Just in Time for Valentine's Day

Ooh, look what you made me do!

Taylor Swift; bar counter

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images; Gareth Brown / Getty Images

Valentine’s Day is coming. And if you’re broken-hearted or otherwise disengaged with the greeting card holiday, then this Taylor Swift-inspired pop-up experience is for you. 

The events company Bucket Listers is putting on Bad Blood: a Taylor themed Break-Up Bar, an homage to Swift’s 2014 song “Bad Blood." The pop-up will run between January 27 to February 26, ensuring that everyone has a place to hang out during what it calls the “Anti Valentine’s Day Season.” 

“Whether you want to sing about your lover, those who were never yours, those you’re never getting back together with, or those who still have your scarf, this is the perfect place for you,” the pop-up's website reads. At the pop-up, guests can “get bejeweled for photo opportunities and ready to engage in some champagne problems,” or “get a glimpse into your future with our tarot card readers on-site.” Visitors can even spin “the Shake It Off Wheel of Cocktails for your drink of choice.” 

The pop-up, located at Electric Garden: 324 S Racine Ave, Chicago, IL, makes one thing very, very clear: No, Taylor Swift will not be there. In fact, it has a very lengthy legal message at the bottom of the event page to prove it. Though there’s no Taylor, the $20 entrance fee does include a welcome drink, so there’s that. 

If you happen to be in a happy relationship, then, well good for you. You can still enjoy this experience, but maybe just don’t rub it in people's faces. Or, instead, you can hit up one of Bucket Lister’s other pop-up experiences around the country, like the wildly popular “Golden Girls” pop-up restaurant in New York City, or its sister establishments in Chicago and Los Angeles. There’s also the Blockbuster pop-up bar experience in Los Angeles, or the “Beauty and the Beast” bar experience in Boston as well. This way, you can let the singletons … shake it off … in peace. 

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