Taste Test: The Best Prepared and Store-Bought Food

Imported Salts

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We tasted nearly two dozen imported salts with distinct differences. Here are our favorites.

Halen Môn Smoked Sea Salt

Smoked over oak chips, this Welsh salt gives off spicy heat ($12 for 100 gm; zingermans.com).

Maldon Salt

Harvested in Maldon, England, this salt enhances food without too much salinity ($6.25 for 8.5 oz; salttraders.com).

Artisan Salt Co.’s Bolivian Rose

This clean-tasting salt is mined near the Andes Mountains ($10 for 9.5 oz; seasalt.com).

Victoria Taylor’s Trapani Sea Salt

Stone wheels grind this delicate Sicilian salt ($9 for 10 oz; vgourmet.com).

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