Target Will Sell Items from British Retailer Marks & Spencer This Holiday Season

The retailers have a lot of similarities, but this is the first time the two have partnered to bring items across the pond.

Thanks to globalization, plenty of brands can be found on both sides of the pond. Londoners can chow down at Popeyes while New Yorkers can grab a sandwich at Pret a Manger. (Yes, despite the French name, it’s a British company.) Still, lots of shops only operate on their home turf. For instance, Brits won’t find a single Target in the U.K., and Americans are missing out on Marks & Spencer, a similar British retail chain that sells clothes and food and everything in between.

But, now, as part of a fitting new partnership, Americans will have easy access to some of M&S’s signature food and beverage products which will temporarily be sold at Target and on just in time for the holidays.

Marks & Spencer's Santa chocolate workshop

The two retailers say that the curated selection of 15 products is being “anchored by items that signal the joy of the holiday season” featuring products offered “in exquisite and interactive packaging (some light up, play music, etc.) that guests will be proud to gift and excited to consume.” The items are also intended to be affordable, with most priced between $9.99 and $14.99.

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The entire collection includes everything from “caramels and chocolates to biscuits and teas,” but four items in particular have been selected as highlights (with descriptions provided by the brands):

  • Santa’s Magical Light Up Chocolate Workshop “includes mini snow dusted milk, dark, and white chocolate houses with a dazzling light-up festive scene inside the lid.”
  • The Shortbread Biscuit Light-Up Lantern “isn’t just a festive decoration, it also includes a pack of delicious and buttery shortbread shapes inside.”
  • The Gingerbread Musical House Tin “is filled with tiny luxury gingerbread houses and plays a festive tune.”
  • Finally, sure to be a hit is the Shortbread Biscuit Bus Tin which is “shaped like a red double-decker London bus featuring adorable illustrations and filled with shortbread biscuits.” Seriously, what Anglophile doesn’t love a British double-decker bus?

“One of the things that differentiates Target is the way we make style affordable and accessible for all and this partnership is the latest example of us building on that legacy in food and beverage,” stated Rick Gomez, Target’s executive vice president and chief food and beverage officer. “By joining forces with an iconic brand like Marks & Spencer, we're bringing our guests amazing products and giving them another reason to turn to Target for the moments of joy that make the holidays special.”

All of the items are set to roll out in mid-November at most Target stores and on the chain’s website. Target says they should remain available through the 2022 holiday season.

And what about Marks & Spencer stores getting Target items? Well, Brits will just have to keep their fingers crossed. For now, it appears nothing is in the works.

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