Fingers Crossed: Taco Bell Might Add Nacho Fries to Its Permanent Menu

2023 could be a big year for Taco Bell fans.

Nacho Fries from Taco Bell

Craig Barritt / Getty Images for Taco Bell

Taco Bell is ready to shake up its permanent menu. Not only did it add its Mexican pizza to its full-time menu in the fall (and is currently testing two new iterations of the delicious meal that may or may not roll out nationwide at some point, but now, according to its CEO, Mark King, it may be putting its nacho fries on its forever menu, too. 

"People that go to lunch want to have French fries. We know that," King shared at an investor event last week. "We're looking at and testing bringing fries permanently on to the menu, which would increase our lunch business dramatically."

As CNN Business reported, the fast food chain has put nacho fries on its menu from time to time, but always as a limited-time offering, since 2018. “We offer fries half the time,” King explained. However, it may decide soon to keep the fries as a way to compete with a few of its fast food rivals, particularly in the breakfast and lunchtime slots. 

“If you were to look at how we compete against McDonald’s in dinner and late night, we’re absolutely even. When you look at breakfast and lunch, we’re significantly behind,” King added. “There’s a big opportunity just in those two dayparts to increase our business significantly over the coming years.” 

As for other opportunities Taco Bell is considering, a big one, according to King, is chicken.

“Chicken is a big one. Right now, a large percentage of our business is beef and the Gen Z consumer wants chicken,” he added, according to Nation’s Restaurant News.

For now, fans can snag the 7-Layer Nacho Fries right now exclusively on the app or online, though before you place your order, make sure your local Taco Bell is participating so you can avoid any fry-related heartache. 

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