Relive the glory of the '90s with a grown-up version of your favorite lunchbox snack.

By Nora Horvath
March 29, 2018
Christian Aslund/Getty Images

In any 90’s cafeteria, there was never a stronger bargaining chip than a pack of Dunkaroos. You could trade them for seriously anything—every kid was dying for a package of those cinnamon graham cookies dipped in sweet vanilla frosting.

In the caption, JunkBanter wrote, “Dear Walmart, I know I could do this myself. I know that the Dunkaroos were in us all along. But thank you for putting it all in one package for me again so I don’t have to. Yeah the cookies are different and the frosting is thicker, but whatevs. I actually like your take on it with shortbread cookies. So again... thank you. Thank you for this Dunk ‘N Crunch.”

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To judge for yourself how well Walmart did with creating a delicious Dunkaroo dupe, head to the megastore to get your hands on a package of the nostalgia-inducing cookies, which are available at Walmart stores for only $2.97. And if you want to continue reliving the best parts of the '90s, pick up one of the recently re-released Polly Pocket sets from Mattel while you're there.

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