You’ll also dine on Michelin-starred meals along the way.

VistaJet World Global Wine Tour
Credit: Courtesy of VistaJet

If you consider yourself a wine connoisseur, and if adding new stamps to your passport is one of your favorite pastimes, there’s a good chance you’ve planned entire vacations around wine tastings and vineyard tours anywhere from Napa Valley to Tuscany to Galilee. But how many times have you had the opportunity to hit the world’s best wine destinations all in one shot?

The answer to that is probably never, but private jet company VistaJet is about to make hopping from region to region in pursuit of wine a total breeze.


With their brand new program, VistaJet World, members can choose from 15 different trips of a lifetime — in celebration of VistaJet’s 15th anniversary — with transportation by private charter planes. One of the grandest trips on the list, entitled “Global Wine Tour,” flies travelers around the world to wine-famous destinations like Florence and Brescia, Italy; Bordeaux, France; StellenBosch, South Africa; and more. Guests will tour estates in each region, and will have the option of flying to as few or as many wine destinations as they wish. VistaJet travelers may also choose to host in-flight blind tastings to discover which wines taste best at higher altitudes.

Once guests arrive at each destination, they’ll be completely immersed in a world of fine wines, decadent meals, and behind-the-scenes looks at the production of different spirits. Though every stop will feature a different itinerary, typical activities include tours of vineyards and estates, feasts at Michelin-starred restaurants, intimate meetings with vineyard owners, and of course tastings and food-pairings. Some locations on the tour even offer stays at the estates where the wine is made.

The Global Wine Tour, along with other once-in-a-lifetime trips, are available exclusively to VistaJet members. You can sign up for a membership here.

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