Yep, we still can't get over it, either...

By Emily Jefferies
Updated October 18, 2017
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The British public were totally outraged – and no, that is not an exaggeration – about something shocking that happened on last night’s episode of The Great British Bake Off.

Warning: If you missed last night’s ep, then what we’re about to tell you is pretty emotional…

Ready? Fan favourite Liam Charles was sent home in the quarter finals.

It’s hard to hear, we know.

After really coming into his own in the past few weeks and even winning Star Baker in Pastry Week, viewers couldn’t believe that he was sent home by judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith, and they took to Twitter to share their fury at the judges’ decision.

‘I accepted channel four, I accepted no Mary, I accepted no Sue or Mel but getting rid of Liam is a step too f**king far #GBBO,’ one fan slammed the show, and it seemed to hit another just as hard: ‘#GBBO listen I’m not being dramatic but Liam leaving is the worst thing that’s happened in all 18 years of my life’

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Others were seemingly in the ‘denial’ stage of grief, as they shared: ‘wow bake off finished early this year Liam won and Yan came second, nothing to watch next tuesday’ and ‘wow so glad that bake off is over congrats to liam for winning !! #GBBO’

‘Worst Bake Off decision since they sent Selasi home. #gbbo,’ tweeted an angry viewer, while another accused the show of being ‘rigged’: ‘I’m actually so disappointed Stacey breaks the oven and Kate throws a clanger on the floor but Liam leaves it’s RIGGED #GBBO’

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But luckily, it looks like 20-year-old Liam is feeling nothing but positive since being booted off the show as he has promised his fans that we haven’t seen the last of him: ‘THAT’S A WRAP! Just like to give say a massive thank you to everyone who supported me. remember, it’s just the beginning’

He better mean that, as we are SO not ready for Liam to leave us just yet.

What do you think, Channel 4? Could Liam bag his own show? Just an idea, eh…

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