By Cailey Rizzo
Updated February 21, 2017
Credit: © Randy Shropshire / Stringer / Getty Images

Guests at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Las Vegas can now pop bottles of champagne straight from a vending machine.

A few months ago, the hotel opened a Moët & Chandon vending machine serving up mini-bottles of champagne on the hotel’s 23rd floor at the Sky Lobby.

The machine dispenses miniature bottles of champagne (they hold about a glass and a half), along with miniature flutes for impromptu toasts. It’s expertly engineered so champagne bottles are dispensed without having been shaken by delivery—which means no surprise champagne bursts upon opening.

The machine has a capacity for 320 mini bottles of champagne. Guests can choose between Moet’s Imperial Brut or Imperial Rose.

In order to get to the bubbly, guests must first purchase a $20 gold coin at the front desk (and prove they’re at least 21 years old), which comes emblazoned with the Moët logo.

The vending machine is the only public champagne vending machine in the U.S.—although Moët-Hennessy does have a similar machine set up for employees at corporate offices in New York City.

The machine first debuted at Selfridges department store in London as a Christmas promotion in 2013.

This article originally appeared on Travel + Leisure.