Hurry—these deals won't last long.

By Jennifer Aldrich
November 04, 2020
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Sure, we have plenty of time to cook dinner right now, but we could also use those extra hours doing other things, like landscaping the yard of our dreams, spending time with family, or even catching up on our favorite shows. So, yes, we'll stick to our quick and easy meals, and often the best appliance to make those dishes is an Instant Pot. The super-popular pressure cooker is now a staple in many kitchens, but if you have yet to invest in one (or maybe you plan to gift one to a lucky someone), you have a great opportunity to buy one at a discount. Today, Amazon has the Instant Pot Lux and the Instant Pot Lux Mini on sale.

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

The Instant Pot Lux ($70) is $10 off right now. This 6-quart option is the most popular Instant Pot size and is ideal for families. The 6-in-1 pressure device has 12 one-touch programs, including options for meats, soups, cakes, eggs, and rice. Each package comes with a stainless steel pot, a steam rack, and a lid. On Amazon, it has a nearly perfect 5-star rating from more than 13,700 buyers.

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

If you'd like a smaller option, check out the Instant Pot Lux Mini ($50), that's also discounted by $10. It has the same features as the regular Lux, but it's half the size at 3 quarts. It also has a nearly perfect rating on Amazon from thousands of buyers, and many of them say it's perfect for side dishes.

If you need inspiration on what to cook in your new pressure cooker, we have plenty of delicious options to try, from chicken dishes to paleo recipes and even some desserts. But, first, you'll need to get equipped with one of these Instant Pots while they're on sale. They're useful for everyday meals and especially handy for your upcoming holiday feasts.

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