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Tiffani Thiessen wants you to.

Ana Calderone
Updated May 24, 2017

Tampering with the original contents of guacamole is a dangerous game. (We learned that the hard way when we suggested you add apples to the beloved dip.) But Tiffani Thiessen is rolling the dice in the name of health.

“I grew up in Southern California, where guacamole is a staple, so I made it a little healthier by adding citrus to it,” the former Saved By the Bell star says in a new video for Delish.

The citrus she speaks of is a ruby red grapefruit. Thiessen adds both the juice and the segments of the tart fruit into her mixture in place of the typical lime. “[It] really brightens the guacamole,” she says.

In addition to salt, lime zest, garlic and cilantro, the Dinner at Tiffani’s star throws in another curve ball: sunflower seeds. The protein-filled seeds add the crunch factor you’d likely be missing without diced red onion or jalapeño.

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Thiessen’s twist on the classic is part of a month-long detox she’s embarked on with her husband, Brady Smith. After two weeks of no sugar, processed foods, alcohol, or starches, Thiessen is down 3½ lbs. while Smith is already down 8 lbs. But still, Thiessen is keeping with it, which means she can’t enjoy her guacamole with chips. Instead she serves it with carrots, sliced bell peppers and radishes.

“The bell peppers are really perfect for this, though, because they hold up like a tortilla chip,” she assures. “You can get a good scoop.”

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