New York's Belly is giving bacon lovers their fill

By Tim Nelson
Updated July 14, 2017
This Restaurant Has a Bacon Omakase Tasting Menu 
Credit: Image courtesy Belly

From floral arrangements to fad diets, it’s clear that bacon is big business. But is our favorite form of pork fat versatile enough to sustain an entire nine course meal? The owner’s of Belly, Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s newest Korean restaurant, are banking on that answer being yes. That's why they're offering up an entire bacon omakase tasting menu. The brainchild of South Korean first-time restaurateurs Anna Lee and Phillip Cho, Belly offers up a kimchi-themed take on their eponymous cut of pork. While their a la carte menu (available at lunch beginning July 24th) features some appetizing sandwiches and bowls, the obvious star of the show is the “bacon omakase” tasting menu ($45).

This pork-fueled Korean culinary adventure starts with thinly-sliced bacon carpaccio and concludes with a kimchi-flavored donut topped with bacon-infused whipped cream. In between, diners will encounter playful dishes like “pasta alla Belly,” bacon-eggplant steamed rice, and even “bacon sushi”. There’s also a drink tasting menu ($35) that pairs wines and soju or sake cocktails with each course, perfect for enjoying your bacon with a side of bacchanalia.

Though far from the only bacon-themed eatery on the New York City restaurant scene, Cho and Lee are confident that drawing on their culinary roots will help them rise above the fray. The duo spent years serving up Korean pork belly dishes for friends at dinner parties to rave reviews. Now, they’re ready to awaken diners to pork’s endless possibilities: “There are so many flavors and ways to cook pork in Korean traditional food, not just the American way,” Cho told Eater. “There’s a more faceted aspect of pork [that’s] not just a guilty pleasure.” And with American-trained executive chef Brian Crawford also in the mix, Belly looks to approach both bacon and Korean fare from the unique perspective they’ll need to stand out in Brooklyn's crowded dining scene.

Though Lee and Cho promise a breakfast menu is forthcoming, the real fun at Belly will take place much later in the day: the restaurant’s basement is home to Beats, a 12-room, BYOB karaoke bar. As if bacon lovers didn’t already have enough reason to sing this place’s praises.

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