Yes, the taco shell is a fried egg.

By Maxine Builder
Updated May 24, 2017
Photo Courtesy Taco Bell

If you've ever wished that you could enjoy the inside of a breakfast taco without the bother of a corn tortilla or the mess of a burrito bowl, there finally might be a breakfast taco for you. Taco Bell is introducing its new Naked Breakfast Taco, which doesn't feature a tortilla of any sort. Instead, the so-called "shell" is made out of a fried egg. I'll say that again. The taco shell is a fried egg. That "shell" is then, "filled with potato bites, sausage crumbles or bacon, nacho cheese and shredded cheddar," according to a press release sent to Extra Crispy by Taco Bell.

If the idea of eating a naked taco is too sassy for you, and you'd prefer some kind of carb-laden exterior, you can also order Taco Bell's new breakfast taco "dressed." That means the fried egg "tortilla" comes bundled in Taco Bell's Gordita Flatbread.

The idea of eating a breakfast taco inside-out sounds a little bit strange. But Taco Bell's foray into these naked tacos has been surprisingly successful. The company introduced its first naked taco in January 2017, and Taco Bell's naked taco died as brightly and quickly as it lived. The shell of the Naked Chicken Chalupa was a piece of fried chicken, folded up to look like a corn tortilla shell and then stuffed with regular vegetables. And though the idea of a naked taco was definitely mocked in the media, the naked taco quickly garnered a cult following. It was removed from the Taco Bell menu after a limited run, and folks are still hankering for this dish and clearly mad at those who had decided to remove it.

So this move to make a naked breakfast taco that could potentially go viral in the same way the original Naked Chicken Chalupa did makes sense for the California-based company. Taco Bell is actually upping its breakfast game across the board, including the introduction of a new breakfast meal deal for $3, which features a "Grilled Breakfast Burrito, hash brown, Cinnabon Delights and our new vanilla iced coffee" for just $3, according to a press release.

But both of these new Taco Bell breakfast items are only available for a limited time and in limited markets, since they're both being tested. The $3 breakfast meal is only available in Kansas starting on April 6, for instance. The new Taco Bell Naked Breakfast Burrito, either fully naked or dressed, will be available starting on April 18 for $1.99—but only in Flint, Michigan, much to the chagrin of every other Taco Bell breakfast enthusiast in the United States.