Grab these before your supermarket takes them off the menu.

By Tim Nelson
February 11, 2021

After disappointing some fans with its menu decisions in 2020, Taco Bell seems intent on starting the year strong in order to win back disillusioned fans who have been living less mas these days. While that's mostly involved making sure (vegetarian) fans can order what they want from the menu and customize their cravings, it also seems the chain wants to ensure people can taste the 'Bell no matter where they are or what they're eating. 

To do that, Taco Bell's dropping some branded All Purpose Seasoning in  Mild and Hot varieties, representing the lighter and medium end of its hot sauce spectrum.

Apparently, this all-purpose seasoning differs from Taco Bell's existing taco seasoning that you might have seen sold in stores. There's not a lot of detail about what proprietary combo of spices that make up Taco Bell's seasoning, but they describe it as a way to "add the classic Taco Bell flavor you crave" to pretty much anything you'd want to season. 

That could mean spicing up your very own taco Tuesday with a bit of that fourth meal magic, or imagining what it would be like if Mexican street corn made its way to the Taco Bell menu. Even if you're just sprinkling some of this magic dust onto popcorn to add some mas to your movie night, this stuff puts the "all-purpose" in all-purpose seasoning. 

taco bell mild and hot all purpose seasoning
Credit: Taco Bell

It sounds like you should find these seasonings at grocers nationwide soon enough. There's no telling if this is a limited edition offering or something more permanent, but as @marke_devo notes in his caption, "once the Bell gives us something they tend to take it away fast," so it may be worth stocking up should you have the chance. 

So if you're a jaded vegetarian who's given up on Taco Bell, just know that you don't have to cut its flavors out of your life entirely. Just keep some of their seasoning on hand and you can start living mas more often without having to actually go to a Taco Bell. 

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