It's pink!

By Caris Davis
February 23, 2018
Getty Images

Happy birthday, Princess Estelle!

The Swedish princess is celebrating her sixth birthday on Friday — just three days after her little cousin, Princess Leonor, turned 4.

In honor of the little princess’s big day, the palace released three new photos of Estelle, featuring the most important ingredient in any birthday celebration: cake!

Her sweet confection was created by pastry chef Stefan Roman, according to the Swedish journal Svenskdam, with raspberry yogurt mousse, vanilla cream and fresh raspberries. He and his team covered the cake with meringue and pink marzipan.

In one of the adorable black-and-white portraits, the princess shares a slice with her little brother, Prince Oscar, who turns 2 next month.

The brother-sister duo have been quite the double act this week — on Thursday, they visited the exhibition Vivat Regina, a Stockholm exhibition celebrating the reign of 17th century monarch Queen Christina, who died in Rome in 1689.

Just like her mom, Crown Princess Victoria, Estelle showed a keen interest in the Queen’s 360-year old coronation robe, and other contemporary regal implements used in the Baroque-era ruler’s enthroning.

Princess Estelle recently took her place in Sweden’s royal tradition when she posed for a three generation portrait alongside her mom and grandfather, King Carl XVI Gustaf.