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By Dalton Ross
Updated April 20, 2018
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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: There are few things in life I love more than sitting back and watching other people have to compete in a Survivor food challenge. Since you got an up-close look at these dishes, which one wins the prize as hardest to get down?

JEFF PROBST: There was a time… when I would have willingly participated in this challenge with the crew or against Mark Burnett. That time… has passed. It all looks gnarly. Anything small I think I could throw down the throat pretty quickly and because it goes down fast, I don’t have time to think about the fact that it’s an eyeball or a grub. But the chunks… the things you have to slowly chew. Bite by bite. Those are the ones that would get me. And the entire time you are chewing, you are being reminded of exactly what it is that you are chewing.

As a follow-up to that, which would you consider the most disgusting Survivor dish of all time? My vote goes towards balut.

We are in total agreement on that one. Those little heads, that tiny body, those light feathers. And the craziest part of all, those are sold in Asian supermarkets in the same manner we sell potato chips. On the end cap!

Michael played Ozzy’s infamous “f—ing stick” fake idol at Tribal Council, which was now a real idol, and it ended up saving him. This is the actual stick you threw in the fire — hence the burn marks — in Micronesia and was later retrieved by EP Matt Van Wagenen. Since you have thrown many a fake idol into the fire before, it got me wondering: Will you no longer do that moving forward in case you want to make sure to save those items for a possible future Ghost Island 2?

Such a good question. One that Matt himself posed to me last year. As tempting as it is, I think for now the tradition shall remain. It must remain. There must be order amidst the chaos. Let it be said and let it be heard: If you play a fake idol, it will get tossed in the fire. Whatever survives may end up on Ghost Island.

Libby was not one of the super-fans coming into this season so had to get an island education on the go. How would you sum up her game and time out there?

I really enjoyed Libby. She made the first big move in the game and that helped set the tone. I think she surprised a lot of people who might have underestimated her. Libby’s biggest obstacle was simply the unfortunate performance/luck of her tribe. They were in trouble with the numbers and she just couldn’t get out from under it.

Spill the beans time! What can you tell us about next week’s episode?

Ohhh, baby, it’s on. One of my favorite episodes of the season. Moves get made. Some work… some don’t.

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