Dreams do come true.

By Sarah Weldon
Updated October 16, 2017
ABC Photo Archives/Getty Images

We thought that Extreme Couponing was the closest thing we’d get to a reality show that highlights the best of capitalism since Supermarket Sweep went off the air,but fear not! The original is coming back, and so is the chance to see contestants fight over literally anything in a supermarket — cheese sticks, holiday hams, fruit snacks, anything.

In a press release, FremantleMedia announced that they are bringing back the TV phenomenon. The show, created by producer Al Howard, first launched in 1965 before being revived in the ’90s.

In the show, contestants answer pop culture questions and solve puzzles based on the products and merchandise found in the supermarkets around the world. And then it all finishes with the all-or-nothing mad dash which, well, is exactly what it sounds like.

“I’m delighted that FremantleMedia has made the exciting decision to bring back this classic game show, and I look forward to working with their talented teams around the world,” said Henry Howard, son of Al Howard, in a statement. “In honour of Supermarket Sweep’s return… I believe I’ll go shopping!”

Honestly, we can’t wait.