You can find them exclusively at Walmart right now.

February 22, 2021

Between Halloween, the holiday season, and now Valentine's Day, we've reached the end of that glorious October to February run where seemingly every day comes with an excuse to eat candy. Add in a pandemic that's completely flattened our ideas of past, present, and future, and you have the recipe for a serious bout of sugary hedonism that may have left you feeling a little tired of pretty much every candy you've ever heard of.  

If what's missing from your candy repertoire is a familiar taste placed in a new textural context, then you'll be delighted to learn that Skittles are now available in a new, gummier format. First rumored in late 2020, Skittles Gummies are now officially available from Walmart. 

skittles gummy candy
Credit: Skittles

What are Skittles Gummies, you ask? It's a fairly self-explanatory concept, but nonetheless merits closer study. Retaining the bite-sized nature of the normal, harder, Skittle, these softer gummies are designed with chewability in mind — kind of like a gummy vitamin without the folic acid. 

Though Skittles has seen a proliferation of increasingly unorthodox flavors over the years, they're keeping things relatively simple when it comes to Skittles Gummies. They'll be available in two packs of five flavors each: your classic Original Skittles (i.e. grape, lemon, orange, green apple, and strawberry), and Wild Berry. Thankfully, they decided not to throw in any of those intentionally repulsive "zombie" flavors just to mess with people this time around. 

As mentioned, you'll find Skittles Gummies exclusively at Walmart for the time being, with a wider rollout to other nationwide retailers expected in May. So if your teeth are starting to get a little soft from all the other candy you've eaten, the good news is that help is on the way. 

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