Across their Singapore locations, KFC has renamed its fried chicken box “Four Peace Meal.”

By Natasha Bach
Updated June 11, 2018
Win McNamee—Getty Images

Singapore is not just where the historic meeting between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is set to take place on Tuesday, June 12. It is also one of the global centers of fusion cuisine, drawing on Malay, Chinese, Indian, and other influences.

It’s only fitting then that businesses across the island nation are creating a new type of fusion in anticipation of this week’s summit: one inspired by the two leaders, their personalities, and their home countries.

Across their Singapore locations, KFC has renamed its fried chicken box “Four Peace Meal.” At Mexican restaurant Lucha Loco, there is a cheeseburger-flavored “El Gringo” taco and a Korean fried chicken “El Hombre Cohete,” or the rocket man, reports CNBC.

Wolf Burgers has “The Burger for World Peace”—a mix of “juicy bulgogi marinated shabu brisket,” kimchi mayo and Korean-style pickled radish, with caramelized onions and “American sharp cheddar.” Dallas Restaurant & Bar, is offering a “buttermilk chicken and kimchi Summit-wich.” Even the Royal Plaza hotel has created a special kimchi burger and “Summit Iced Tea” for its patrons.

The Common Good Company, which is a consortium of Singaporean food businesses, had its eyes set on the thousands of journalists who were coming to Singapore for the summit. It reportedly gave away Kimchi and Durian flavored ice cream, with signs saying “Durians May Be Thorny but Relations Needn’t Be” and “Feeling More Trump-ish or Kim-ish today?”

But it’s not just restaurants that are looking to capitalize on the summit. One startup, called Vybes, hired Trump and Kim impersonators over the weekend to promote its app. Cannabis cryptocurrency company PotCoin funded Dennis Rodman’s trip to Singapore for the summit. And WeGoGo, a travel discovery platform, is offering a three day stay at the Marina Bay Sands hotel for the lucky winner of a lottery.

Even the Singaporean government has seen an opportunity to make an extra buck. It minted a commemorative “World Peace” coin, selling the gold version for 1,380 Singapore dollars ($1,033). The coin will also be available in silver and nickel, and features a dove and olive branch motif, as well as other symbolic items. Demand for the coin has already been so huge, the mint is reportedly increasing its supply.

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