It has three (yes, three) types of flowers in it!
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This New Royal Wedding Tea With Pink Rosebuds Is Just What You Need for Royal Wedding-Watching
Credit: Harney & Sons

If you're planning to wake up early to watch the royal wedding live as the event unfolds on May 19 (it all starts at 7 a.m. EST and runs until about noon), you're going to need some caffeine to help you stay focused. Put down that coffee mug—a cup of tea is a much more appropriate beverage to sip during the show. To help us with our search for the ultimate wedding-watching blend, Harney & Sons has decided to revive its Royal Wedding Tea ($20;

The second I opened the pretty yellow canister, the sweet floral scent tipped me off: this is no ordinary tea—this is royal tea. A blend of Chinese Mutan White tea buds, pink rosebuds, and marigold petals give it its light floral scent, while almond, coconut, and vanilla add some depth and serious sweetness. While it's a must-have for any morning royal wedding-watching parties you may have planned, before and after the ceremony, it makes the perfect cup of afternoon tea. Its sweet, delicate flavor would pair well with an afternoon snack of biscuits and cakes. Not just for the big day, one reviewer on reports: "I would drink it for the rest of my life."

And if you decide to bring this tea into work with you, be warned, it will turn you into office royalty. When word got around that I had a tin of the tea at my desk, editors started showing up to try it. The verdict? It is absolutely delicious. As our associate social media editor, Brooke Schuldt, says: "It’s light, fruity, and you get a surprising whiff of chocolate, but you don’t taste any chocolate. This clearly belongs in a floral teacup and is refreshing enough to enjoy on a summer afternoon, or on a spring morning during the most important wedding in the history of weddings." Come the morning of May 19, you now know what Real Simple editors will be sipping as we watch (and report on) the royal event.

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