The new season takes Midge outside of the Big Apple, off to both the Catskills and Paris.


If you know anything about Rachel Brosnahan‘s character on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel it’s that she’s both marvelously funny and a marvelous cook.

In season one, Midge gets her husband a spot on stage at the Gaslight Cafe nearly every night despite his stolen jokes by bribing the booker with her famous brisket—and in the upcoming second season, food continues to play a pivotal role in the hit Amazon series.

“We talk about a lot of food in season two,” Brosnahan told reporters on Monday at an event for American Express’ Cash Magnet Card.

And while she couldn’t reveal too much about the highly-anticipated new season, the actress did reveal “one little tidbit” involving some delicious subject matter: “There is a scene where Midge lists a whole lot of deli food very, very quickly all in one sentence,” she said.

Brosnahan guessed that the memorable scene might have inspired the 99 cent sandwiches that will be served at the pop up experience taking over Carnegie Deli from Dec. 1-8. The famed New York deli will be transformed into the 1950s setting of the show, and the menu includes a surprise sandwich called “The Maisel.” Brosnahan’s guess for what’s on the stacked sub? “It’s gotta be hot pastrami reuben on rye,” she hinted.

But the new season also takes Midge outside of the Big Apple, off to both the Catskills and Paris, where Brosnahan particularly enjoyed filming.

“I ate all of the baguettes in Paris—really, I don’t think I left a baguette in that entire country,” she said with a laugh. “I can’t say a whole lot. The Paris thing is kind of a big spoiler… but I will say that Midge has a fantastic travel ensemble. There’s such a good hat with the matching gloves and a bag and cute little shoes—very good fashion in Paris.”

Off camera, despite being a “terrible cook” compared to her character, the Emmy award-winning star reaches for healthy food choices like bone broth.

“The first season of Maisel, we worked really long hours and a girl who was helping me learn lines told me that she was a really great cook. She made me some bone broth and I was the only member of our cast that didn’t get sick. The whole season, I was the only one and I swear by this stuff now,” she said.


When she’s on the road, Brosnahan keeps snack bars on her at all times, like the Lemon Zest LUNA bars and KIND Bars. “A good bar can get you through the day,” she said.

“I also feel like I travel obsessively with raw almonds and dried fruit,” she added. “Nuts and fruit are in every pocket and every coat and every bag. I’m a serial snacker. I have to eat all the time or I get grumpy.”

Season 2 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel premieres Dec. 5 on Amazon.

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