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By Blake Bakkila
July 11, 2017
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The Turks and Caicos may be known for its beautiful beaches, but it’s also home to a special place for puppies in need.

Potcake Place is an dog rescue charity located in the Grace Bay area. Homeless dogs found on the island are known as “potcakes,” as they are often fed whatever food locals have at the bottom of their pots. In an effort to find homes for these adorable puppies, the non-profit organization offers two options: help with socialization and adoption.

For those looking to spend a couple of hours with the puppies, you can take one out for a beach trip. Puppy Socialization Walks are available Monday through Saturday starting at 10 a.m. You can take them out for up to two hours.

Many have shared their sweet moments with the potcakes on Instagram.

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Adopted an island pup for the day 🔆 Clearly she had a little too much fun in the water

A post shared by Bella Davis (@bella__jasmine) on Jun 29, 2017 at 7:14pm PDT

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The Caribbean islands have many stray dogs and cats. It breaks my animal loving heart as every single dog or cat we encountered was the sweetest, just wanting love and attention. TCI works hard to combat this problem through organizations like @potcakeplacek9rescue I'm so glad we visited them. They let us take "Mo" out to the beach with toys, water, and treats. We were able to give him play time learn to walk on a leash and feel the water for the first time. He was such a lovebug and I would scoop him right up if we could. My love and passion for helping these animals grows stronger everyday. Thank you #potcakes for all you do. #potcakeplace #potcakesofturksandcaicos

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And if you end up falling in love with them, Potcake Place encourages visitors to adopt their new puppy pals.

“There is no animal shelter in the Turks and Caicos,” according to the charity’s website. “[Foster parents] look after these pups in our own homes until a permanent home can be found.”

Potcake Place is run exclusively by unpaid volunteers. They work with veterinarians to treat the potcake puppies with vaccinations and other necessary procedures, and make sure they get health certificates to be able to travel home with their new owners. On occasion, volunteers bring the dogs on the plane back from the islands and meet up with the adoptive family at the airport.

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