Because what peanut lover doesn't want to visit Mr. Peanut's vacation home?

INN a NUTshell_Exterior
Credit: Planters

It goes without saying we could all use a vacation. You thought you had burnout last year? Try now — 2021 is probably laughing at how naive we were, hoping things might improve this time around. At this point, a few days off spent in the woods sounds pretty nice.

Here's a bit of hope from the last place you'd expect it: Planters is offering one lucky peanut fan a two-night stay in a 26-foot-long peanut on wheels in Duluth, Minn. It seems random, but Planters is relocating to Hormel Foods in Minnesota, and they opted to celebrate by inviting a few fans up to their new turf. Mr. Peanut put us through a lot last year with his whole death and rebirth — the least he can do is offer a few nights at his vacation home.

the inside of the nutmobile
Credit: Planters

Planters isn't exactly giving away the Nutmobile stay, but the fare is a steal at $3.59 (which is exactly how much a jar of Planters peanuts costs) for the entire weekend. The lucky guests will also receive a $1,500 travel stipend and get to experience some "can-nut miss" activities among Minnesota's beautiful scenery. The Nutmobile is also decked out in Planters swag, and you can bet there will be free peanuts.

Mr. Peanut's vacation home isn't exactly easy to reserve — for a chance to stay, visit on Friday, September 17 at 2:00 CST. One very lucky winner will successfully book the gigantic peanut for themselves and a guest from October 1 to 3. (Exhausted parents, this is your chance for a romantic weekend that just happens to be sponsored by a peanut company. I am rooting for you.)

So keep your fingers crossed and your plans for the first weekend of October clear: you might just get that much-deserved vacation.

Planters Nut Inn
Credit: Courtesy of Planters

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