From fun pineapple trees to DIY decorations, this year is all about getting hands on and trying something a little different

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Ho ho ho, it’s that time of year again! Pinterest has published its official Holiday report 2017, outlining all the biggest trends that we’re pinning and sharing this Christmas.

The image sharing site has revealed that this year, we’re all about doing it ourselves and going alternative with our decorations. Here’s what’s trending in Christmas decor this year…

1. Greenery and neutral decor

This year has been all about greenery, nature and bringing the outdoors in, and the trend isn’t about to leave anytime soon. Pins of festive foliage have rocketed, so embrace the trend and get green-fingered with these ideas:

Branch Star of David, searches up 248 per cent


Star wreath


2. Modern blue and white china: searches up 364 per cent

Stick with tradition and choose a classic favourite for Hannukah celebrations.


3. DIY decor and gift wrapping

Get creative this Christmas with DIY decorations and wrapping paper. It’s a sure fire way to give your home a unique look that you’ll feel proud of! Why not give one of these ideas a go?

Giant Christmas light balloons


DIY eye-stamp wrapping paper: searches up 110 per cent


Glitter tags: searches up 191 per cent


4. Eco-friendly, upcycled gift wrapping

On a typical Christmas Day you’re bound to end up with a couple of bin bags full of wrapping paper. Avoid waste by opting for eco-friendly alternatives such as resuable pieces of material, japenese style:

Japanese furoshiki wrapping: searches up 129 per cent


5. Tree alternatives

Don’t fancy a traditional tree this year? Try one of Pinterest’s most popular alternatives:

Washi tape tree: searches up 91 per cent


Pineapple trees


6. DIY photo booths

Set up a DIY photo booth with DIY props to capture all your favourite Christmas memories!


Which of these trends will you embrace this year?

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