By Liz Steelman
Updated March 13, 2018
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We think these Pi Day discounts are so infinitely amazing, we cosine them!

Pi Day: It started as a day only diehard math fans celebrated. But in the past ten or so years, March 14th has blossomed into a yearly holiday that everyone, even those who frequently rely on their phone to calculate tip, are happy to celebrate. Why? We haven’t undergone an exponential increase in the number of math nerds populating the surface area on this fine sphere known as earth, of course. Instead, our calculations point to a surge in pizzerias and bakeries independently deciding to use the day for marketing purposes, dishing out Pi day deals, both savory and sweet.

This year is no different, with many national restaurants like Blaze and Pieology offering appetizing discounts for Pi Day. Want to know more? Keep reading for a handful of places where you can get a piece of the Pi Day deal pie (we promise we won't go on a tangent!)

Pi Day 2018 Deals

Blaze Pizza: Blaze’s pi day special this year is $3.14 pizzas in-restaurant at participating locations. Limit one per customer.

Papa Murphy’s: Order online and get a large, one-topping thin-crust pizza for $3.14 at participating locations. No promo code required.

Pieology: Pieology’s Pi Day deal comes to those who sign up for the PieLife e-club. Those who do so will receive a coupon for a $3.14 pizza with a purchase of a “chef inspired” or custom 11-inch pizza.

Whole Foods: Need a little sugar? Head to Whole Foods to celebrate pi(e) Day with $3.14 off large bakery pies in store.

Nothing in your area? You can still celebrate Pi Day without paying full price. Just make your own! Here, our favorite easy pizza and pie recipes.

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