Carl Hagelin

You have to see this bib.

Dan Gartland
August 02, 2017

Last summer Carl Hagelin brought the Stanley Cup back to his hometown and showed it off for a massive crowd. This year was a little different. 

Lord Stanley's first crayfish party

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At first I thought Hagelin just really liked crayfish and maybe this was a crustacean-themed birthday party or something. But then I did a little searching. It turns out crayfish parties are a really big deal in Sweden. That’s why Hagelin had a dozen people all gathered around a table singing what I can only assume is a song extolling the virtues of freshwater seafood. 

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The parties usually happen right around the beginning of August because that’s the historical date of the beginning of the crayfish harvest.​ According to the Swedish government, the silly outfits are part of the tradition. You’re also supposed to eat the crayfish cold and “sucking noisily to extract the juices is perfectly acceptable behaviour.” Given how popular this seems to be in Sweden, I’d be surprised if this was the first such party the cup was present for. 

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