We're calling it: Beauty and the Peeps

Yellow Marshmallow Chicks in Rows
Credit: Paul Poplis—Getty Images/StockFood

In case Peeps on pizza isn’t quite to your taste, feast your eyes on this fantastical creation from Maryland’s Carroll County Arts Council’s 10th annual PEEP Show: a life-size figure of Belle complete with a rose, from Beauty and the Beast made out sugary, marshmallow Peeps.

The annual contest is in its 10th year and was inspired by the Washington Post‘s now-retired Peeps diorama competition; besides Belle, which Delish reports took nearly 1,500 Peeps to create, there’s are nearly 150 other entries, which includes a “Mr. Peep-tato Head” and a “Peepington Bear.” For Game of Thrones super fans, there’s even a “Mother of Peeps” dragon that would make Khaleesi proud.

Fans of the Peeps art can vote for their favorites at the reasonable price of $1 a vote, with all proceeds going to support the arts in the area.

See Belle and the best of the PEEPShow below.