Peep on a Perch is a sweet new Easter tradition for Peeps lovers to bring home.

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Is Peep on a Perch the New Elf on a Shelf?
Credit: Random House Children's Books

For many families, the delightful marshmallow Peep candies are synonymous with the Easter season. And starting this year, Peeps will be more than just a delicious Easter treat you find tucked in your basket, thanks to the release of the Peep on a Perch, a storybook set that children can enjoy long before Easter Sunday.

The Peep on a Perch book teaches children the sweet story of the Easter Peep, and how he assists the Easter Bunny every year in making Easter surprises possible for kids around the world. According to the story, the Peep helps decorate eggs, fill baskets, and watches kids in their homes as they perform acts of kindness leading up to the holiday.

The set comes with a stuffed Peeps Chick, which parents can perch around the home to keep an eye on kids throughout the Lent season. As the story goes, the Chick is taking stock of their good behavior, from helping parents out with chores to practicing good manners, and the better behaved the kids are, the happier the chick becomes.

Peep on a Perch might remind you of Elf on a Shelf—the Christmas storybook that teaches children how elves evaluate which kids are naughty and which ones are nice, and report their behaviors back to Santa. Both storybooks encourage kids to be well behaved throughout the season, and emphasize that there is more to the holidays than receiving gifts.

Peep on a Perch is now available for purchase (To buy: $15;, and is intended for children ages 3-7. If you’re looking for a way to use up extra Peeps candy this Easter season, try transforming them into one of these seven awesome projects.

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