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We Finally Found a Solution to Organizing Storage Lids in the Kitchen
Credit: containerstore.com

Your kitchen is only as organized as your food container lids.

No matter how organized I try to be, it seems as though I can never find the right lid for the right bottom. I'm pretty sure the kitchen gods are playing tricks on me because I swear I put the lid in the right place–and yet, when I go to grab it again, nope. As hard as I try to stack the lids the "right way," I finally realized the only "right way" is to buy the Linus Lid organizer ($15; containerstore.com). It's super affordable and even more reliable.

When I got this organizer, my kitchen took a giant sigh of relief. Instead of opening the cabinet only to be bombarded by a flood of mismatched lids, I now get met with each lid perfectly in place thanks to this genius storage product made by InterDesign. The BPA-free, clear plastic bin is simple yet efficient. It's divided into three compartments–one can fit 12 large lids, and the other two compartments are for small lids (13 lids can fit in each, for a total of 26).

The organizer fits perfectly in my cabinet and is lightweight and easy to pull on and off the shelf when I need it. I love that it alleviates some of the dread and panic I used to experience when opening my pantry door, looking for the perfect container for my leftover mashed potatoes or something larger for taking a fruit salad to a friend's potluck.

It's been especially helpful for the smaller lids because those things are as good at magically disappearing as socks. With these storage lids, I'm finally in charge–so what if the power is going to my head? Now that I've successfully cut some of the clutter, my cabinets look more organized, and I'm a lot less stressed out in my kitchen.

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