Get ready to downsize. 

By Christina Butan
Updated October 01, 2019
Credit: Amazon

Everybody loves a good tiny house — especially if you can shop it on Amazon. From the DIY backyard guest house that went viral earlier this year to the expandable home that comes with a complete power system, we’d say the internet is just a little obsessed with small houses. And now, we’ve found yet another tiny gem that’s just a click away on Amazon (and will tempt you to downsize): the Nomad Micro Home — a.k.a. the Cube.

The modern tiny home is shaped like a cube, measuring 13.5 feet all around (width, diameter, and height), and features an open kitchen and living room area, curved staircase that leads to a bedroom, and a bathroom. The front of the home has four windows that help keep the interior bright, and there is plenty of space for storage and appliances. It costs just shy of $39,000, plus shipping fees.

Buy It! Nomad Micro Home, $38,800;

Nomad says that while the Cube is “engineered for ease-of-assembly,” it recommends two people with at least the “technical knowledge and skills of a handyman” to put it together. And, since there is a full kitchen and bathroom, Nomad suggests a plumber and electrician (or someone with those skills) to help.

Compared to other tiny homes on Amazon, the Cube is definitely on the modern side — not every DIY tiny home is designed with such a sleek wood exterior and clean stainless steel and white interior. The best part? Once you order it, it only takes three to five weeks to ship — not a bad time frame for an entire home delivery.

And if you’re looking for something a little less pricey, but still on the tiny side, Amazon is full of other tiny home options starting as low as $8,000 (yes, seriously), that work great as guest homes, office spaces, and more. Happy downsizing!

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