On World Baking Day, I started a tradition I hope to continue for many Netflix binge nights to come.

By Ananda Eidelstein
Updated May 17, 2018
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How often do you sit down to binge some Netflix and think, “Wow, that looks good"? We're constantly barraged—both consciously and subconsciously—with images of food (not that we're complaining). So in honor of World Baking Day, I decided to combine my love for everyone's favorite streaming service with my affinity for delicious snacks. The result? 'Netflix and Bake', a.k.a. the upgraded version of 'Netflix and Chill', just with spatulas and KitchenAids. What better way to watch your favorite shows and movies during a lazy night in?

I decided to make the experience truly meta by baking treats based on my Netflix queue. It makes it even more fun to watch and takes my baking repertoire up a few notches. I started with a recipe inspired by one of the most iconic shows of the '90s: 'Friends.' Remember that hilarious scene when Rachel tried to make a trifle? Her efforts didn’t quite pan out, if you will, but they sure had me craving a sweet dessert trifle. I love the meditative aspect of layering a trifle. It’s so satisfying seeing it stack higher and higher, and of course, a delicious treat—especially as the temperatures climb.

Want to Netflix and Bake, too? Try your hand at the following 12 Netflix-themed desserts.

'Nailed It!' This is another great show to start with, considering it's literally about baking and your options are copious. It's back for a second season, but the Princess Cake in season one is still quite memorable. We suggest whipping up this 3-Layer Magic Cake in its honor. Because Princesses are magical, as is cake.

'Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.' We know a thing or two about Insta-worthy pastries, and so does the cast of this beloved show. The cro-dough comes to mind as a dessert of choice, but it's pretty hard to pin down that recipe. If bingeing and Netflix-ing, just make these glazed doughnuts instead. Leaning towards the croissant side a little more? We got you with this croissant bread pudding.

'Great British Baking.' For those moments when you wish you were standing with Mary Berry, just make this version of a Baked Alaska Pie. It’ll take you back to season one's scandalous challenge: just make sure no one takes yours out out of the freezer before the timer goes off!

'Orange is the New Black.' Vee definitely convinced us in season two that funfetti cake with chocolate icing is life-changing. Commemorate what is one of OITNB's finest moments and by making this birthday cake, and add sprinkles in the batter.

'A Series of Unfortunate Events.' Three episodes into season one and there’s coconut cream cake! Better make this cake (with a sweet apricot surprise) before you press play because you’ll want it badly. That’s a promise.

'Twin Peaks.' Cherry Pie will never die, and neither will your craving for it after you binge on season one. So you might as well start preheating that oven now.

'Parks and Recreation.' Are you like Leslie: preparing for war by baking cookies? Or just to have a good time? Either works; just add this recipe for super easy one-bowl peanut butter cookies.

'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.' It’s not everyday you see some corn pudding on TV—or anywhere, for that matter. So when you see Jacqueline mastering it on season three, naturally, you must, too.

'Santa Clarita Diet.' Do like Sheila and make brownies. Did you think we were going to recommend a cannibalized dessert? Nope, nothing suspicious to see here; just some good ol’ fudgy brownies you’ll want on hand to sweeten things up a bit.

'Amelie.' A classic film calls for a classic dessert, so invite some friends over and knock their socks off with a batch of crème brûlée. This one has just the right amount of jene sais quois.

'Inglourious Basterds.' Even if you don't have much of a sweet tooth, this savory streudel is an appropriate pick from this classic flick.

'Marie Antoinette.' So colorful, so sweet. The colorful pastries, overflowing champagne, and silk shoes will surely make you crave some sweet carbs. Bake and nibble on these palmiers as you watch—or just bake cake!

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Told you Netflix binging will never be the same.

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