By Talia Avakian
Updated May 24, 2017
Harf Zimmermann

National parks across the U.S. will be waiving their entrance fees on February 20, in honor of Presidents Day.

Visitors can explore any of the country’s 417 national parks—including the 120 parks that charge admission—for free, giving them a chance to enjoy blissful natural scenery and historic sites that honor the nation’s presidents of the past.

“Every person to hold the office of president of the United States is represented in our national parks through historic homes, places of significant national events, national monument designations, conservation areas, and more,” Michael T. Reynolds, acting national park service director, said in a press release.

That means you can explore the colored canyons of Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park or the majestic waterfalls of California’s Yosemite National Park, all without having to pay admission fees.

You can also visit national forests like the Coronado National Forest, which includes 1.78-million-acres of forest across mountain ranges in Arizona and New Mexico.

Besides locations waiving fees, there are also various free national historic sites where you can delve into America’s history, including the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site, where former president Jimmy Carter and former first lady Rosalynn Carter will greet guests.

The offering is part of the “Fee-Free Day” initiative, which includes 10 days of the year when the parks waive their fees.

This article originally appeared on Travel + Leisure.