Some great advice from a top designer.

By Anne Vorrasi
Updated June 01, 2017
Tessa Neustadt

You just put together an impressive mother’s day spread but now it’s dad’s turn. Luckily you don’t have to approach this without a wingman in sight. Nate Berkus and Target put together this creative video to show you how easy it is to throw casual yet memorable (just like the man you’re celebrating) father’s day lunch to serve as a backdrop for all the amazing gifts and heartfelt notes he’ll be showered with.

First, let’s get the menu out of the way.

We’re doing a mexican theme because dads love tacos. I’m a dad so I can vouch for that being the truth,” says Berkus who, with his equally handsome husband Jeremiah Brent, has an adorable little girl. “They’re so easy and un-fussy he says,” and to make it streamlined—and less work for you—you can set up a taco station by corralling all the ingredients on a tray and letting everyone concoct their ideal protein+veggie+salsa combo. “Make sure that your food is plated on nice dishes and trays,” says Berkus. “Even if you have ordered takeout,”—hey, no shame in that. ”It’s these small thoughtful details that are so easy and yet totally elevate the moment.”

Next let’s tackle the table setting.

“Stick to a neutral color palette so things don’t feel overwhelming. The mix of black, white and touches of gold, beige and navy ensured that the mix of patterns all played well off each other,” says the decorating guru. “I’m obsessed with these patterned plates which feel so well-traveled and important. And the tablecloth is actually a throw. I love when you can repurpose things like that."

Time for the centerpieces.

“A large centerpiece can block the view and make it hard to see people across the table,” says Berkus. “Small, low packed arrangements ensure the view is never blocked and you can see all your guests. Plus, they are so easy to put together. It’s really as simple as picking some greenery from the garden, which is what we did here.” He then nestled them in matching vases to keep the overall look consistent and modern.

And now the finishing touch!

It’s important to do something to make this a meaningful occasion, as casual as it may be. “Incorporating some sort of art is such a fun way to get the kids involved and to create a really special place setting for dad,” says Berkus. “They’re very easy to make and you can find instructions online.”