Watch her get into a fast food feud

By Ana Calderone
Updated January 29, 2018
C Flanigan/Getty Images

Martha Stewart has never shied away from a little beef—and now she’s going head to head with … Jack Box?

In Jack in the Box’s upcoming Super Bowl commercial above, the domestic diva is feuding with the fast food chain’s mascot in what the brand is calling the “ultimate battle of the sandwiches.”

Stewart can be seen presenting her take on a bánh mì-inspired fried chicken sandwich during an episode of her mock show Martha Stewart Live. “You’d never find this at a fast food restaurant,” she laughs. “It’s a good thing.”

Jack Box, who was watching the segment from inside her studios, barges in to call her out. “Is that right Martha? I don’t think so,” he says before challenging Stewart to put her creation up against the restaurant’s new Asian fried chicken sandwich.

“What are you afraid somebody in the fast food world is gonna show you up?” he taunts.

The pair exchange words (and Martha even takes off her earrings in anticipation of a fight!) before teasing what fans can expect after the spot airs during the big game on Feb. 4. “Okay, it’s on Martha! I’m going online, I’m starting a hashtag, get ready for a Twitter war!” yells Jack.

The commercial ends revealing the hashtag #JackvsMartha and a representative for the company tells PEOPLE that the two will actually battle it out on social media in the weeks following Super Bowl LII—so you may want to hit follow on both accounts here and here to see how it unfolds.