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By Katie Macdonald
July 14, 2020
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Maars Skinny Can Cooler for Slim Beer and Hard Seltzer
| Credit: Amazon

It’s that time of year when even thinking about stepping outside can turn you into a sweaty puddle. So no matter if you’re headed to the beach, a picnic, or just your backyard, you’ll want a couple of ice-cold drinks to keep you cool.

Enter: Maars’ Skinny Can Coolers. The triple-insulated sleeves keep drinks chilled for hours in the sun and are the perfect size to hold those slim 12-ounce cans of your favorite spiked seltzer. And Amazon shoppers are obsessed — the koozies have a remarkable 4.7-star rating and jumped to the top of the retailer’s best-selling “thermocoolers” list this week.

Made with a double-walled vacuum-insulated body, the stainless steel holders will keep drinks refreshingly crisp for up to 12 hours without condensation. Plus, the koozie features a rubber gasket screw top that keeps cans from slipping out (until you’re ready for a replacement). And if you aren’t a spiked seltzer fan, the coolers are also great for energy drinks, iced tea, and sparkling waters.

Amazon shoppers rave about their Maars Skinny Can Coolers, with some saying they keep drinks chilled in blistering 100-degree Fahrenheit heat. Others add that the brand’s koozies work just as well as higher-priced versions from Yeti and BruMate while costing nearly half the price.

“Was looking for a more affordable option aside from the Yeti insulated cups,” one wrote. “Over the weekend, I was on the lake in 90+ degree weather and my drink was cold the entire time! Will be purchasing more!”

The Maars Skinny Can Coolers cost between $15.99 and $25.99 and come in a variety of gorgeous colors, like rose gold, blush, and opal-like moon rock. Snag a couple for your outdoor adventures now so that your drinks won’t have to sweat the summer heat.

Maars Skinny Can Cooler for Slim Beer and Hard Seltzer
Credit: Amazon

Buy it! Maars Skinny Can Coolers, $15.99–$25.99;

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