It's for one day only.

By Tim Nelson
February 16, 2021

Valentine's Day is finally behind us, but there's an even bigger event set to take place in just a matter of days. Obviously, I'm referring to the impending landing of NASA's Perseverance Rover on Mars, which single and partnered people alike can admit is a fairly big deal. 

While probably not as marketable of a holiday as other occasions, Krispy Kreme has nonetheless deemed the rover's arrival on Mars (bringing the first helicopter to hover over the red planet's surface, no less) an event worthy of its own limited-edition doughnut.  

Krispy Kreme Mars Doughnut
Credit: Krispy Kreme

Given that doughnuts don't exist on Mars (at least as far as we know), Krispy Kreme's taken some creative liberties in their homage to the red planet. Specifically, they've put together a caramel-iced, chocolate Kreme-filled doughnut with a "red planet swirl" and chocolate cookie crumbs, which may not be enough to tide you over on a six-and-a-half month journey from earth to Mars, but still probably tastes pretty good. 

And while there are no humans landing on Mars this time around, a certain group of Earthlings can score a pretty sweet deal during the one-day doughnut event. Any one of the almost 11 million people who participated in NASA's "Send Your Name to Mars" program will be entitled to a free Mars Doughnut on February 18th, the date Perseverance is scheduled to make contact with Mars' Jezero Crater. Simply show your NASA-issued Perseverance "boarding pass," proving that your name is traveling to Mars to redeem. 

Though the Perseverance's mission will go on for a bit longer, the Mars Doughnut itself will only land at Krispy Kremes for one day, making it more of a shooting star than a planet, if you think about it. Still, this is one out-of-this-world doughnut that you won't want to pass up, especially since it's probably the closest you'll ever actually get to Mars. 

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