By Zamira Rahim
Updated February 22, 2017

Kellogg’s is getting creative with Pop-Tarts. The company will offer Pop-Tart dishes including faux pizza, tacos and fries this week, USA Today reports.

The unorthodox dishes will be served at Kellogg’s cereal bar in New York City, which will be briefly converted to the Pop-Tart Cafe.

The Personal Pop-Tarts Pizza will be made with Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts and strawberry filling instead of cheese and marinara sauce. Fruit will take the place of pepperoni.

It’s hardly the first time Kellogg’s have used the snack to generate some buzz; in 1998 the company created the biggest ever Pop-Tart, using 545 pounds of flour and 495 pounds of fruit filling.

This article originally appeared on Fortune.