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These New Marmalade-Inspired Fragrances from Jo Malone London Are the Epitome of Summer

The nuanced, juicy scents take first prize at the county fair.
By Blythe Copeland
April 17, 2021
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With the promise of warmer weather on the horizon, we begin to click into summer mode. We envision backyard cookouts, red-and-white checked tablecloths and all, and look forward to the many outdoor projects the season affords—like making jam. Thankfully, Jo Malone London's latest launch is here to tide us over until the weather catches up. Their Marmalade Collection, a lineup of just-released colognes, puts a sophisticated British twist on tradition with scents inspired by the types of jams and jellies that would win you first prize at the county fair.

"Using seasonal fruits to create homemade preserves that you can gift to family and friends seems like such a quintessentially British pastime," said Celine Roux, the brand's global head of fragrance, in a press release. To create the line, food-grade natural fruit extracts (sourced specifically for the collection) were made from steam-distilling local blackberries and gooseberries, transforming them into refreshing fragrance add-ins; they were then paired with iconic notes like orange, rhubarb, roses, and elderflowers for nuance. Rounded bottles—inspired by vintage marmalade-jar detailing—add effortless sophistication to your dressing table.

The new scents—Tangy Rhubarb, Rose Blush, Orange Peel, and Elderflower Cordial—were also designed to layer with the brand's popular Blackberry & Bay fragrance (from $72,, a "vibrant and verdant" mix of tart blackberries, fragrant bay leaf, and complex cedarwood notes, released in a limited edition bottle to match the rest of the collection. Ahead, we explore the notes of each just-debuted, summer-ready perfume—whether you decide to layer up or wear them on their own is entirely up to you.

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Credit: Courtesy of Jo Malone

Tangy Rhubarb

The bright, tangy scent of rainbow-colored spring rhubarb is matched with orange and cedarwood for a sophisticated blend that's part summer-in-the-garden, part cocktails-by-candlelight.

Shop Now: Jo Malone London Tangy Rhubarb Cologne, $74,

Credit: Courtesy of Jo Malone

Rose Blush

Summer's most distinctive floral fragrance—the rich aroma of fresh rose petals—adds its lush depth to a blend with notes of white musk, aromatic basil, and juicy lychee.

Shop Now: Jo Malone London Rose Blush Cologne, $74,

Credit: Courtesy of Jo Malone

Orange Peel

England's iconic orange marmalade spread inspired the citrusy freshness of this scent, with added elements of warm wood and unexpected rhubarb for a modern update to a foolproof classic.

Shop Now: Jo Malone London Orange Peel Cologne, $74,

Credit: Courtesy of Jo Malone

Elderflower Cordial

The delicate floral scent of petite white elderflowers, the tartness of gooseberries, and the complicated musk of hawthorn combine to create a distinctive, layered perfume.

Shop Now: Jo Malone London Elderflower Cordial Cologne, $74,