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The internet has given a lot to fandom: forums to discuss wild theories, spoilers to complain about, and recipe videos of our favourite characters brought to life as edible works of art.

Last year, we saw everyone’s favourite Demogorgon victim/unsung Stranger Things hero Barb turned into a brown, gloopy french onion soup. Now for a gut-churningly realistic 3D cake depiction of Pennywise the clown from 2017’s biggest horror movie, IT.

The masterpiece is the creation of JK Denim, AKA baking vlogger Koalipops. Better than 95% of the contestants on Bake Off, he’s made an adorable Baby Groot, a Beyonce ‘Formation’ video cake, and Justice League themed fondant covered strawberries. If you’re planning a Halloween party and want to go all out on the snacks, Koalipops is the place to start – just be warned that your creations are almost guaranteed to look like shite by comparison.

The Pennywise cake is one of JK Denim’s most ambitious, creative and impressive baking showstoppers. It’s also the most delicious way to get payback on the villain for eating all those innocent children.

JK Denim started with a red velvet cake base, “because BLOOD.” He then cut it in half, filled the cake with buttercream, and trimmed the shape of Pennywise’s head using a printed template.

He then did more trimming, etching out the shape of Pennywise’s facial features. Though this step looks pretty painless, Denim admits to being forced to go out for two walks whilst performing the task because it scrambled his head so badly. Making scary clown cakes ain’t easy.

Then it was on with the fondant, which is where things get fun. Even with nothing on his face but white icing, Pennywise’s creepy frown is out in force.

He then added orange fondant for the clown hair, adding texture to the fondant, and pink icing for Pennywise’s “juicy bottom lip”. Nice.

Some paint is added over the eyes, hair and lips, and the demonic Pennywise begins to really take shape.

And the pièce de résistance: the creepiest homemade fondant eyes you will ever see.

You might think at this point that JK Denim was finished ruining baked goods for you forever, but you would be wrong. He then unveils a scarier version, with a more cracked head, wide red eyes, and the blood of Georgie Denbrough dribbling down his mouth. YUM.

Watch the full video below. Sweet dreams, everyone!

This story originally appeared on NME.

This Story Originally Appeared On NME