Guinness Pints at Dublin Pub
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A perfect pint of Guinness is truly an art form unto itself.

Plenty of bars around the world, especially in Dublin, Ireland where the Guinness factory was founded, claim to have the best pint – but perhaps someone needs to put that to the test.

Travel blog Irish Road Trip is searching for a lucky beer lover to help them research who serves up the best pint of that black-and-tan brew in Dublin. And they’ll even get paid to do it.

According to the Irish Road Trip website, the best candidate for the job is someone who can put together an engaging and entertaining review of each pint, can take a high-quality photo, is over 18 (the drinking age in Ireland), and has the time to spend four weeks in the Emerald Isle just tasting different pints of beer.

The job will be relatively simple since the website has already chosen the top contenders for the honor of having the best pour. This beer reviewer will be visiting famous pubs in Dublin, including The Gravediggers, The Long Hall, Mulligan’s, The Strawberry Hall, Gaffney’s, Tom Kennedy’s, and Toners.

All this person will need to do is walk up to the bar, order a pint of Guinness, drink it, snap a photo (perhaps a before and after would be best), and put together a 250-word review. The reviewer will be paid €22 ($24 USD) per hour and have all their pints compensated. The job will take place over four weeks in November and December.

If you think you’re the best candidate for the job, you must write a 300-word review of a great pint of Guinness that you’d had recently, according to Irish Road Trip. It’s the perfect excuse to hit up a happy hour at the very least.

Once you've written your sample review, you can submit it on the Irish Road Trip website. The deadline to apply is Sept. 27, so the sooner the better.

Irish Road Trip recently updated their application page, since they’ve already received over 7,500 applications so far. If the online form does not work, you can also email your submission to

It is not clear when decisions will be made, especially with so many applicants. But, as the beer brand once said, “good things come to those who wait.”

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