“I’m glad other people like it, that’s all I can say,” she said.

By Ana Calderone
September 28, 2017
Christopher Testani

Ina Garten has many favorite things (truffle butter, French apple tarts, and her husband Jeffrey, for starters)—but her own cooking show is not one of them.

“I never watch cooking shows, certainly not mine,” the Barefoot Contessa star tells PEOPLE in the new Food Faves issue, on newsstands Friday. “Not a chance. I would never do another show. I think I’m terrible!”

“I’m glad other people like it, that’s all I can say,” she added. And like it, they certainly do. After 15 years on the Food Network, Garten credits her success to her tried-and-true recipes and unwavering support from Jeffrey. 

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“He’s a great audience because whatever I serve, he says, ‘That’s the best thing I’ve ever had!’ Which is why I love to cook for him!” she says. “I think he really means it at the moment but then the next time, it’s something else.”

Though she’s always whipping up something new for Jeffrey or for her show (Garten says lunch is her favorite meal of the day “because we eat whatever we test that day—sometimes it’s Israeli vegetable salad, and sometimes it’s a summer fruit tart”), her go-to dinner and “most requested” recipe is her Perfect Roast Chicken (get the recipe here).

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“It’s such a basic comfort dinner and it’s so delicious and so easy to make,” says Garten of the dish she estimates she’s made “six million” times. “I think when people come over to a cook’s house, they expect some fancy meal and when you’ve made a roast chicken they’re just thrilled.”

When it comes to her favorite indulgences, the cookbook author goes for a classic. “My favorite recipe that I’ve ever done was a French apple tart, which is just a really thin pastry crust, sliced apples and little glaze when it comes out of the oven,” she says. “It’s like butter and sugar and caramelized apples—so simple and so sophisticated at the same time.”

Garten has made it so many times, she jokes, “I’m sure my friends are going, ‘Oh no, not that again!'”

This story originally appeared on People.com.