They melt to reveal tiny marshmallows.

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hot chocolate bomb in hand over a mug of milk
| Credit: Amazon

In my most recent dive down the black hole that is new food items available for super-quick delivery on Amazon, I stumbled across something called a Hot Chocolate Bomb, and now I'm obsessed. It's made by, who else, The Chocolate Bomb company, and seems to be a bath-bomb for hot milk, ready to turn any warm liquid into rich, creamy hot chocolate.

The bombs are basically a hollow sphere of milk chocolate. When you drop the ball in a cup of hot milk, the outer layer melts, releasing a blizzard of mini marshmallows that are inside the ball. I'm not sure why no one has made this before, because it's very true that the best hot chocolate is made with actual melted chocolate and not with that powdery mix. 

hot chocolate bombs in a box of 3
Credit: Amazon

Buy it: $35/pack of 3;

I can see these chocolate bombs taking me all the way through this winter. They're perfect for everything from watching Christmas movies, to stirring into coffee, or even just … nibbling on for a delightful snack, since it's really just chocolate and marshmallows. I'm adding to cart right now.

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