The funny name beat out thousands of name suggestions in a competition last year.

By Tim Nelson
January 25, 2021
hershey's new whozeewhatzit bar
| Credit: Hershey's

What's the deal with the Whatchamacallit? The candy brand whose name you may know even if you don't realize it has kind of hovered in the background of the Hershey's collection, always there to offer a solid combination of peanut butter and chocolate without ever threatening to steal the spotlight from some of their more signature confections. 

Maybe the way to get candy fans to pay attention to one candy bar with an intentionally generic name is to introduce another. At least that's the idea behind the introduction of the new "Whozeewhatzit," the first addition to the Whatchamacallit canon in a full decade. 

So what's a, uh, Whozeewhatzit? Great question. The new bar starts with tasty, crispy rice bits, smothers it in a layer of peanut butter creme, and douses all of that in a big ol' bath of chocolate. It's a slight departure from the peanut, caramel and chocolate combination that defines the Whatchamacallit itself, but the overall presentation should be instantly familiar to fans of this old favorite. 

Perhaps the even better question is "how did the Whozeewhatzit get its name?" Though it might sound like an obvious choice that could've come out of a single marketing department meeting, "Whozeewhatzit" was actually the winning choice in a naming contest that received more than 43,000 total submissions. In addition to the bragging rights that come with naming a new candy bar, the winner also took home a year's supply of Whozeewhatzit and $5000 in cash. Not bad pay for a brainstorming session. 

You'll start seeing the Whozeewhatzit at various retailers who'd normally stock the Whatchamacallit beginning in February 2021. Good luck with asking an employee where the Whozeewhatzits and Whatchamacallits are, though. 

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