Hedgehogs and carb-pillows are a thing on the internet now.

By Kelli Bender
Updated August 14, 2017

Empty carbs can be full of feelings.

This Francophile hedgehog found himself embraced (literally) by a love affair with a giant croissant, and things got serious fast.

At first the pet and pastry-shaped pillow were enjoying a state of shared bliss. The croissant was supporting the hedgehog (again, literally) and the animal was oozing appreciation for the flaky crusted food item.

But when the hedgehog tried to take a brief reprieve from this romance, the situation became dramatic. Now codependent on its animal friend, the croissant didn’t want to let go. This clinging tendency just made the hedgehog more desperate to escape.

It’s a classic relationship breakdown played out in just 60 seconds.

Finally, a third-party stepped in to bring an end to the increasingly toxic courtship, but we will never forget the good times a.k.a. the first 10 seconds of this adorable clip.

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