By Liz Steelman
Updated January 09, 2017
© Arielle Cifuentes

This piece originally appeared on Real Simple.

If there’s something we need to start the New Year off right, it’s an Internet optical illusion to share with our friends and family. Thankfully, Reddit has come to the rescue—but maybe keep this one away from your vegetarian, vegan, and kosher friends.

But unlike other optical illusions that have gone viral, this one—though arguably unappetizing—was more of a rhetorical question than a heated debate. There is no doubt that the photo is in focus—the layering and veining of the prosciutto just makes it appear blurry.

To prove it to naysayers, the Reddit user took to YouTube with a short—yet unpalatable—video of him separating the slices of meat.

At the time of writing, the picture was up-voted 40.1k times by Reddit users (essentially meaning that they liked what the post was bringing to the overall Mildly Interesting conversation) and received more than 1.2k comments. True to the social discussion site’s reputation, users in the comment section hammed it up with Mitch Hedburg references (It’s not that all the pictures of Bigfoot are blurry, it’s that Bigfoot is blurry) and puns (“This ham is not well. Thankfully we know how to cure it”) .

If the Real Simple editors have walked away with anything from this experience, it’s that we need to clean our palettes with a tasty pork presentation. Thankfully, we put together 10 of our easiest ham recipes—all fully in focus