These are the top Halloween recipes, costume ideas, and decorations people are searching for on Pinterest.

All the Halloween Costumes, Snacks, and Decorations Trending for 2019, According to Pinterest
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Halloween may only roll around once a year, but that one-day extravaganza is slowly turning into a month-long spooky celebration—how else are you supposed to find time to watch all those Halloween movies on Netflix and put your favorite Halloween party themes to work? Between office celebrations, kid-friendly gatherings, trick-or-treating, school events, costume parties, and more, Halloween-related activities can last all 31 days of October, and with that month-long bacchanalia comes a shifting collection of Halloween ideas to keep every festive event feeling interesting and fun.

Some Halloween ideas (think jack-o'-lanterns, last-minute Halloween costumes, black cats, and skeletons) stay popular and essential year after year, but other ideas and trends are inspired by what’s happening in the worlds of entertainment and pop culture. These Halloween decoration ideas, popular costumes, and other trends will rise and fall from year to year; ignoring them means your Halloween celebrations will look the same as they did last year (not always a bad thing), but keeping up with fresh Halloween ideas could help make your spooky season feel novel and distinctive.

As with almost any holiday or celebration, Pinterest is a major source of Halloween ideas and inspiration. To help anyone and everyone prep for October, Pinterest released its 2019 Halloween Report, which highlights trending Halloween ideas—the themes, symbols, and more everyone will be showing off come October.

Pinterest bases these trends on spikes in the number of people searching for a particular idea, meaning these rises in popularity are likely coming from those planning for Halloween early—the festive trendsetters for this particular holiday. In between memorizing Halloween quotes and crafting Halloween puns, scroll through these trending Halloween ideas to start setting up for your spookiest celebration yet.

Halloween party ideas

Costumes aren’t for everyone, but Halloween gatherings are for all. Whether you’re planning to celebrate with an intimate gathering and a scary movie or a major block party, you’re going to want your celebration to shine—and temporary party decorations are one of the best ways to hop on constantly changing Halloween trends.

This year, Stranger Things is one of the top decor ideas, with searches for Stranger Things Halloween decorations up 549 percent. Other popular Halloween ideas for decor include boho, pink, and pastel decorations. For party activities, people are researching how to build a Halloween haunted house or set up a maze—no standard small talk at these parties.

Halloween snack ideas

Halloween-inspired food and drink can be enjoyed all month long. Sure, it’ll make guests gasp with delight at your holiday parties, but when the party is over and the trick-or-treating is done for the night, these treats will taste even better than Halloween candy. According to Pinterest, people are looking for creative ways to decorate cupcakes, sugar cookies, and pies for Halloween—but they’re also researching Halloween-specific recipes such as jack-o'-lantern chips and dips, shrunken potato heads, poison apples, witches brew, and more.

Halloween costume ideas

Popular TV shows are helping to determine which Halloween costumes you’ll see at every party this year. Top costume ideas draw inspiration from the Powerpuff Girls, Stranger Things, and various superhero lore, and long-loved family movies (think The Lion King and Toy Story) are still lending characters and ideas for group costumes.

For those taking their Halloween costumes up a notch with costume makeup, the same TV shows and movies are offering ideas, though people are also researching cute or pretty clown makeup, alien makeup, and mime makeup. Whatever people are dressed as, you can expect to see a lot of creative uses of makeup—Halloween makeup videos are up more than 1,000 percent in popularity.

Other Halloween ideas

Halloween isn’t just about October 31st—some people try to memorialize the day with more permanent homages. Halloween and spooky weddings are becoming more popular (Halloween wedding dresses have grown 217 percent in popularity), and more and more people are seeking inspiration for tattoos inspired by spooky symbols, such as ghost tattoos and gothic bat tattoos.

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