The snack that smiles back now comes with a kick.

By Tim Nelson
April 29, 2021

Let's face it: we've probably spent so much time over the past year eating snacks that even our old favorites are starting to taste a little stale. Heck, even Goldfish may have lost their flavorful zip at this point. 

Maybe the best way to win back our tired tastebuds is to spice things up — literally, in this case. That comes via collaboration with Frank's RedHot to create their first-ever hot sauce-flavored Goldfish cracker. 

For existing fans of Frank's RedHot (who may have already been putting the stuff on their Goldfish, for all we know), what's going on here should be pretty familiar. Each fish-shaped cracker making up Goldfish Frank's RedHot is imbued with that classic combination of vinegar and aged cayenne peppers. You'll still get that satisfyingly salty undercurrent of Goldfish, but with an added kick of vinegar and acidity that elevates the flavor profile into something worth shoveling into your mouth at a high rate of speed. 

So what was the inspiration for Frank's and Goldfish joining forces? Apparently, the collaboration was something Goldfish fans have clamored for, especially adults who feel they can handle the heat.

Frank's Red Hot Goldfish crackers
Credit: Goldfish

"We learned that adults are big fans of Goldfish and it's an appetite we've never fully satisfied," Campbell Snacks' CMO Janda Lukin said in a press release. "'Hot' is the #1 most requested Goldfish flavor across social, so we wanted to bring the heat with an unexpected partnership between Goldfish and Frank's that fans will love." 

If you find yourself loving the idea of RedHot Goldfish, you'll find this limited-edition snack anywhere you can buy "regular" flavors of Goldfish starting in May. If you really want a bag, you can get one ahead of time by following @GoldFishSmiles on Instagram, unlocking an augmented reality filter via their story, and posting one of your own that tags the account (with #Sweepstakes). Posting in exchange for spicy crackers? What's not to love. 

Hopefully this is the start of something special, that sees Goldfish collaborating with all sorts of other hot sauces across the Scoville unit spectrum. Ghost pepper Goldfish? Someday, my friend. Someday.  

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