It's available in 4 different flavors, one for each of the fiery friends.

Golden Girls Hot Sauce Is a Thing—and It's as Spicy as Blanche
Credit: Always Fit

We can totally picture Sophia Petrillo cooking with this amazing new hot sauce, which was just launched by the online gift shop, Always Fit.

Picture it—Sicily, 1922. Sophia Petrillo is cooking up one of her famous Italian dishes including one special ingredient, her own signature hot sauce. Okay, so maybe that didn’t actually happen, but we bet that if Sophia was alive to see her face on a hot sauce bottle, she would absolutely find a way to use it!

Always Fit, a website that specializes in unique gifts, has just launched a line of Golden Girls hot sauces that are the perfect belated Galentine’s Day gift for yourself of your friend that is obsessed with Miami’s favorite squad.

They are available in 4 different flavors, one for each of the fiery friends, and have the most perfect names—Bea Spicy (for Bea Arthur’s character Dorothy Zbornak), Desert Rose (for Betty White’s character Rose Nylund), Sicilian Fire (for Estelle Getty’s character Sophia Petrillo), and Hot Slut (for Rue McClanahan’s character Blanche Devereaux).

Each bottle retails for $10 or you can get all four as a set for $32. Desert Rose and Bea Spicy are both milder, jalapeño-based hot sauces, while Sicilian Fire and Hot Slut are very spicy and habanero-based.

These hot sauces may not taste great with the Golden Girls’ signature cheesecake, but we can bet that they would have plenty to say about having their own hot sauces!

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