Solve the mystery of the missing cheesecake in the new Golden Girls board game

Amy Wilkinson
May 18, 2017

It was Blanche… on the lanai… with the can of hairspray!?

Yep, everyone’s favorite Miami roommates are getting the game-night treatment with Clue: The Golden Girls. But instead of sussing out a murder suspect, players must uncover who committed the craven crime of eating the last piece of cheesecake (and what item they left behind while doing so).

Photographer: Stuart

The board-game contains six playing pieces: Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, Sophia, and two mystery men. (My guess would be Rose’s sweetheart Miles and Dorothy’s ex Stan given the hair on the silhouettes — or lack thereof.)

And in lieu of murder weapons, six metal tokens represent evidence found at the scene: a can of hairspray, a bathrobe, Sophia’s purse, a lipstick, a chair, and a high heel.

Expected to hit store shelves in June, Clue is just the beginning of the Golden Girls gameplay: A spokeswoman for manufacturer USAopoly tells EW that Golden Girls Monopoly is due later this summer. So if you’ve already binged all seven seasons of the beloved series on Hulu, there’s still plenty more of the feisty foursome to come.

(Jezebel was the first to report on the game.)

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